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Our full size pastries start at $2.50 each. Our pastry case offers a minimum of 18 different pastry varieties every day of the week. Following is a partial list of the type of pastries we carry:


Chocolate Mousse Cake (by the slice)  Yodel Funny Bone  Sfogliatelle  Cheesecake  Lobster Tail  Tiramisu Cup 
Cream Puffs   Eclairs    Pasticiotti    Cannoli Brownies    
Mini Pastries  
The Pastries you love in a bite size format!  An Assortment will include all or some of: Eclairs, cream puffs, sfogliatelle, pasticiotti (vanilla, chocolate, or ricotta), cannoli, brownies, cheesecake and carrot cake.  
dozen boxed: 16.99
each in a tray:  1.69
Italian Cookies  
Made on premises on a daily basis. Made from the finest ingredients. Assorted Variety including: Pignoli nut, anginettis, tricolors, rugalahs, and many more…  
lb. box: 10.99 
lb tray: 13.99 
lb Pignoli: 24.99 
Gelato and Italian Ice  
Freshly made on site. Some of the more popular flavors: Lemon Ice, Tiramisu, Chocolate, Wildberry, Strawberry, Mango, Panna Cotta, Watermelon, Cherry, Sour Apple and many more…  
Fresh Fruit Salad  
Assorted seasonal fresh fruits cut to bite size. 2.59 per person
Freshly made to order. Some of our most popular cakes: Italian Rum, Chocolate Raspberry, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Carrot Cake and many more.